Agile ME 2017

At the Agile ME 2017, an Agile summit Dubai, I had the pleasure of giving not only one, but two speaks about agility!

Product Ownership – A shared sport!

The first speak was done together with co-speaker Mr Mirza Asfaar Baig. Not doing it alone was very suitable, since our topic was all about team work 😉

‘Product Ownership’ is a multi-faceted complex function that gets more and more challenging with additional variables; product industry/project nature, market drivers, technology and functionality being examples of external variables; while distributed teams, team structure and team size being internal variables- to name a few. ‘Product Ownership’ function is expected to be carried out by Product Owner. In reality it becomes a shared sport of disparate stakeholders. While PO controls and drives priorities and scope, he/she highly depends on team members for effective/efficient decision making across the product/project. In this interactive talk, we will elicit audience’s understanding of this function and will try to explore what skillset(s) is/are critical to ensure the success for this function.

The slides and video from the presentation:

Pimp My Agile

The second speak where focused on the fact that not only do you need to be agile in regard to your development process, but also to your process. SCRUM for an example are not supposed to be followed blindly. Focus on what matters to you, and what adds value in your case.

Slides and video from the presentation are available here:

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