Agile Meetups – Dubai

In order to strengthen the Agile community in Dubai, some fellow agilists and myself have hosted a series of Meetups in Dubai – and it turned out to be a great success!

In this post you can read more about the individual Meetups, and find relevant links.

Meetups Agile A-Z

What is Agile? – What are the roles in Agile development? How do we implement or scale with Agile? Which Agile processes should I use in my case?

There are so many questions about Agile, so in a series of Meetups, we tried to uncover as many aspects of Agile as possible, in order to provide the full overview of Agility in organizations. The form where a combination of presentations and discussions, so everyone had a chance to address their thoughts on the matter.

In the first chapter, we had a more “general” talk about what Agile software development is, and the value behind it. What does it mean to be Agile? – In the second chapter we looked into the Product Owner role and the many expectations and responsibilities that comes along with the “titel” – and in the third chapter we turned our focus towards the Scrum Master, his role, responsibilities and the ceremonies in SCRUM. The fourth chapter we focussed on the importance of the feedback loop, and the DevOps role, and in the fifth chapter we talked about growing and scaling with agile. The sixth and last chapter where a “Retrospective”, where we using a Lean Coffee style tried to address as many questions as possible.

Join us!

If you are interested in follow along, and join the next Agile Meetups in Dubai, sign up on our Meetup page here:



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