Ready for the next Agile ME Meetups?

We are happy to announce that the topics for the next series of Agile ME Meetups now have been settled and we are ready to present them to all of you.

Understand how to get started with your agile transformation in just 5 session

In this series of Meetups, it will be our goal to help all who joins to get a good start with an Agile transformation, and this in just 5 sessions! The individual session topics will be:

1. Introduction to the Agile mindset: What is agile – and what is it not

When: October 14, 2019 (Monday)
Where: Astrolabs, JLT

We are going to start at the beginning, presenting and discussing the core principles and values of Agile, and at the same time try to bust some of the wrong myths of Agile.

2. Agile processes and frameworks: Understand the different frameworks and how they are not a “one-size-fit-all”­

When: November 26, 2019 (Tuesday)
Where: Astrolabs, JLT

In the second session the focus will be quick introductions to different agile processes and frameworks. The focus will be on how they individually support the agile values, and not so much a detailed presentation of each.

3. Agile roles: Where does everyone fit in an agile organization

When: December 16, 2019 (Monday)
Where: Astrolabs, JLT

Focusing on the agile transformation we will in the third session focus on the different roles. Obviously, we will talk about the roles defined in Scrum, also on how roles from a classic organization will fit in after an agile transformation.

4. Monitor Agile: What to look out for!

When & where: TBD

Agile is about inspect and adapt – also when it comes to your agile process and your agile transformation, so in the fourth session we will talk about how you monitor you process and make sure to iteratively do the right adjustments

5. Agile Q&A: Let’s hear your questions – and together we will answer

When & where: TBD

The fifth and last session will be an open Q & A session where we can dig in to all the questions we might have missed in the previously sessions, making sure that everyone leaves this series of Meetups ready to start their own agile transformation.

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Agile ME is more than “just” the Meetups

Our Meetups are a great way to network and learn together – but sometimes there is not enough time to cover all questions and corners. Therefore, we are happy to announce that after each session we will provide additional learning material on our Slack channel. On top of this our Slack channel will serve as an extension of the Meetups, providing room for further debate, discussion and learning.

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